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A few reasons why it would be important to have PDBC on your bookshelf.

Pundits and politicians complain daily about our medical “system” and the maligned ACA (Obamacare). Few of these self-selected critics come from the industries they castigate, and fewer still have the credentials to offer substantive understanding or help.

You won’t find that to be the case in The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector: An Obamacare and Medical Debt Collection Survival Guide (PDBC)

Industry execs Robert E. Goff (medical) and Jerry Ashton (debt collections) skillfully and knowledgeably dismantle the propaganda that Big Medicine and Big Government pass off as consumer education and provide their reader instead with understanding as well as practical tools.

The two also have choice words to say concerning the creation of medical debt and the shadow industry that cleans up after the practioner – collection agencies and debt buyers.

But, be clear. PDBC is not simply a “How To” book, although those burdened with medical debt and fending collection calls will find it essential to keep by this book by the phone. It truly can be your “survival guide.” You’ll never deal with that bill collector’s call the same way, ever again.

The same can be said about the way we view government programs, the insurance industry, Big Pharma and even our own physician. PDBC will articulate the most important question you can ask: “How Come?”

How come we have the most expensive medical delivery system in the world? How come our big-government, big carrier apparatus is designed to deliver industry profits rather than truly affordable patient care? How come over 60% of American citizens seeking bankruptcy protection list medical bills as the reason driving them to take this drastic?

Nowhere else than PDBC are these deep-dive questions asked, answered and made understandable.

For us, and for you, this is our most important page.

Only half in jest, as all of our work is for naught without a reader.

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