Physicians Are Not Equal—Payments Will Prove It So

- Author: Jerry Ashton

Robert E. Goff Executive Director & CEO, University Physicians Network (UPN), New York City, New York Physicians are not equal. That reality is understood on a certain level by everyone from the public to physicians and regulators. However, one of the great tragedies of our reimbursement systems is that physicians are treated equally in our… View Article

The Miracle of Debt Forgiveness on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

- Author: Robert Goff

Medical debt pursuit, or more precisely the endless harassment of patients unable (as opposed to unwilling) to pay their bills has gained increasing prominence as a major social issue. Among the more egregious practices in the collections industry is the sale of old medical debt – for pennies on the dollar – to bill collectors… View Article

Beyond Insurance – Saving Money on Physician Visits This Little Known “Patient Right” Can Reduce Your Costs

- Author: Robert Goff

A deductible to be paid before health benefits kick in is now the norm for most people. And, as those deductibles go up and up and up each year, fewer and fewer people realize any benefit of even having insurance. Yes, it’s nice to have coverage there as a security blanket for a major illness,… View Article

Our Moth-Eaten Health Insurance Security Blanket

- Author: Robert Goff

Health insurance claim form with money and stethoscope for insurance concept CDC: 13% of people with private health coverage having problems paying medical bills. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, December 2015 The security blanket of health insurance has holes.  Insured people should not have problems paying bills, but clearly they do.  And just as clearly insured families remain at risk for the ravages of medical costs…. View Article

Second Opinion – Dr. Brent Wise

- Author: Dr. Brent Wise

I was honored, if a bit nonplussed, to be invited to write this inaugural blog for No More Medical Debt and the book it features, The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector (PDBC).  Just what does a “second opinion” mean within the context of this website and publication, and what could I add to… View Article