About the authors

Authors Robert E. Goff and Jerry Ashton know the inside story on medical debt. Each offers more than 40 years of experience inside the healthcare and collections industries.

Robert E Goff has served as Executive Director and CEO of University Physicians Network (UPN) for over 17 years, following years of experience in the development and operation of a health insurance plan. With UPN, he has lead the development of an organization that supports highly respected and recognized physicians in their participation with health plans. This has been made possible by obtaining recognition by health plans of the quality and effectiveness of the care provided by UPN member physicians, and helping physicians adapt to the changing health care environment through education and guidance.

Jerry Ashton’s work in credit and collections span 40-plus years as a consultant, trainer and outsourcing pioneer. All along the way he introduced more sensitive ways in which agencies, his client’s and his own collectors could “get the money and keep the customer.” He also ragged on those in his industry who simply wanted to “get the money” and earned a reputation as a gadfly and critic.

In every other chapter, on seemingly opposite sides of the net, Goff and Ashton serve up volley after volley of practical wisdom, insider insights and ways in which their reader can better comprehend what is happening to us as consumers of America’s medical “system.”

In simple and forceful language, they detail how present approaches are rigged to fatten the wallets of big pharmaceutical companies, insurance monopolies, hospitals and the medical debt collections industry which impatiently waits its turn at the trough.