About RIP

The first thing that you should know about medical debt in America is that – it doesn’t have to be this way.

It shouldn’t have to be that medical debt even exists in a modern society.  In fact, the U.S. is the only country that does not have in place a comprehensive healthcare system to protect its citizens from the terrible financial impact of accident and illness.  In its place, we have a system that requires that a profit be made – whatever the outcome for the patient and their families.

The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector deconstruct what we call a medical “system” here in America and allows us to examine its parts.  And, it’s not pretty.  Almost every business involved in this financial food chain is complicit in keeping things the way they are.

Authors Goff and Ashton do the reader a major service by putting the spotlight on these activities, and then directing the responsibility back to ourselves.  How are we complicit?  How can we escape being victims and move to positions of personal power?

Goff and Ashton not only provide many of the solutions, they even serve as a “good citizen” example.

In 2013, Jerry Ashton and Craig Antico incorporated RIP Medical Debt with the intention of using their collections industry savvy and connections to raise donations to buy – and then abolish – personal unpaid and unpayable medical bills.  They invited Robert Goff to the board and the three have since set out on a mission.

Raise donations.  Buy medical bills from the debt buying and selling industries.  Abolish this debt so that it would never again appear on the desk of a bill collector.  Done!

If this real-world, if unusual solution appeals to you and you would like to learn more, visit www.RIPMedicalDebt.org